Energy and Data Crisis Response Unit - Energy Distribution for Resilience and Prosperity


Our projects explores the economic opportunities and necessities that will drive us towards a future that ensures our survival, and allows us to thrive.

Using the data available, we identified locations that will have the best opportunities to participate in future economies built on renewable energy systems. Known solutions and the impacts of them, costs for building and maintaining new technologies, and an example of some known solutions, that are ready to build were analysed.

Data Story:

We looked at the extensive research on climate, past and future to confirm the accepted view of the future we face.

We looked at the energy systems that we humans use now, and what they will look like in the near future to understand the extent of change required. We looked at our effect on natural systems, and what natural systems will do to us. The data showed us that resilience and adaptability are paramount, and highlighted the economic opportunity that exists if we support that transition to a stable and resilient economic and natural environment.